Planning on what kind of shoots you want in your Cleveland Wedding Videography can be a challenge. What should you feature? What should be in the film? Here are some ideas on what you can feature in your wedding videography film and shoots.

Tattoos & Such : Couples who have a shared interest in tattoos, piercings or other bodily art can enhance their videography with these elements.

Intimate Family & Friends : You definitely need to highlight the most important characters of your relationship! Those who were along for the ride of your relationship, those who mean the world to you and anyone you want to make sure are featured in your trailer. Make sure to point out these key individuals to your videographer.

Favorite Colors : What kind of favorite colors do you have? These colors can play a prominent part of your videography and define who you are.

Important Artifacts : You’re probably wondering what ‘important artifacts’ mean, but it’s a very broad term to describe pieces of your relationship. Maybe there’s a gift or an item which represents your relationship. These kind of physical entities can make for excellent B-footage which can elevate the final film.

Symbolism : It may seem extraneous, but important symbols should be noted! Symbols could be anything from shapes and linear designs, to more three-dimensional features like water and earth.

Have any ideas on what should be featured in a wedding video? Comment down below!

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