Questions and answers are the cornerstone of any good conversation with a soon to be wedding duo and their vendors. Here are some solid questions to ask during your one-on-one or casual chat with your prospective wedding videographer


“Have you filmed at the venue I’m using?” This isn’t a question designed to make you feel as though you need a videographer who has filmed for your wedding. Instead, this may give you some input on what can be done at your wedding, or otherwise your videographer may explain similar venues he’s worked at.


“How many hours do you film?” This can be important to differentiate packages as well as help decide how long you will need a videographer. Some individuals choose to use their videographer for their ceremony, some for the ceremony and reception, and some even go beyond that.


“How many videographers do you bring?” Will there be one videographer? Will there be two? When will there be a second videographer? Never assume that these questions are too simple to be asked! These are important details to the plan of your day and the pricing.


“What are some of your favorite films?” This is a good question both to get to know your videographer and contemplate if your style matches their style. Maybe they say a movie like Titanic, and explain the details in the creation of the movie. And maybe you love Titanic, that’s a good sign that you might dig this videographer’s style.


“What kind of style and video do you shoot in?” This question will be answered by samples of their work. But you might not notice details about the style and video unless you ask your videographer. If you want your video in white and black, you’d hopefully work with a videographer who has had experience in this style.


“What other services can you provide?” For your benefit and the creative benefit of your videographer, talking about additional services and equipment should be a key point. For instance, maybe you’re interested in drones. Some videographers will have access to this additional equipment.


“Why should you be my Cleveland Wedding Videographer?” Yeah, it’s a very basic question but essential. Any great videographer should be able to sell themselves, but you’ll know if a videographer works well with you based primarily on these kinds of questions.

“What’s your turnaround time for the final edits?” This is good to get an idea of the type of videographer you are. Couples who like a schedule and timelines/deadlines, will want to ask this question.


“Am I allowed to make edits?”  For couples who want more hands-on work, this is an important question. You may want to trust your videographer to your full hearts content, or you might want to be open to editing the final footage. It may even be one shot or scene you want to edit, and to have control over that four or fives seconds will be important to you.


“How long do you archive the footage?” Some videographers will only hold onto the footage for a certain length of time, others will keep the footage for years, or even as long as the internet is active.


“Where can I post my video?” You never know if there are any weird clauses or catches, and this is the most important part of the post production process.


Feel free to leave any additional questions you think are important in the comments below!

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