Throughout the history of Red Frame Videography and Sound Precision Entertainment’s partnership, Crop Bistro & Bar has been our most frequently visited venue.  Located in Ohio City at the intersection of West 25th Street and Lorain Avenue, Crop Bistro & Bar serves as one of Cleveland’s most grand and sophisticated wedding and corporate venue.  The venue offers five different rooms of various sizes and aesthetics: The Main Dining Room, The Shop, The Vault, The Executive Dining Room, and The Skylight Penthouse.
Upon entering The Main Dining Room, guests will find themselves in awe of the 35 foot tall coffer ceilings and large granite pillars, capturing an authentic 1920’s vibe.  This spacious room can be used for freestanding events of up to 800 or can provide seating for up to 200 guests.  The wooden stage provides ample space for any large band or musical act.  The Main Dining Room features a formal bar and open kitchen area.
Attached to The Main Dining Room is The Shop, a semi private are which offers the same look and feel as The Main Dining Room, but in a smaller, much more intimate setting.  Providing space for up to 50 guests, The Shop also features a small, formal bar and an hors d’oeuvre area.
In Crop Bistro & Bar’s basement, one will find The Vault.  The former United Bank Building lobby, The Vault is home to the second largest vast door between New York and Chicago, weighing in at over 160,000 pounds.  Perfect for a private ceremony or a smaller wedding, The Vault can host up to 120 people.  Like the aforementioned rooms, The Vault also hosts a bar.
Adjacent to The Vault lies the glamorous Executive Dining Room.  A former meeting room for Cleveland’s wealthiest bank executives between 1925 and 1929, The Executive Dining Room today seats up to 32 guests.  Decorating the Executive Dining Room is a grand chandler complete with an array of antiques and historic artwork.
A personal favorite of Red Frame Videography, The Skylight Penthouse if the most modern room at Crop Bistro & Bar.  Located on the tenth floor, Skylight Penthouse provides guests with a captivating view of Downtown Cleveland.  A sunset cannot look anything less than dazzling from the outdoor, wrap around terrace, after which, guests will be treated to a tantalizing sight of the fully-lit Cleveland Skyline.  Sights and sounds from Progressive Field can be seen and heard on nights when the Indians are in town.  The Skylight Penthouse can hold up to 60 people and is ideal for small weddings, business parties, or high school reunions.
On top of their five flawless venues, Crop Bistro & Bar offers a menu which is absolutely stellar, even by the standards of the Cleveland culinary scene.  If guests haven’t filled up on hors d’oeuvres before dinner, they can enjoy a delicious three-course meal or buffet, depending on what is chosen by the event planner.  The crew of Red Frame Videography and Sound Precision Entertainment have yet to taste a dish at Crop Bistro & Bar that they haven’t enjoyed.

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