Green Frame Videography? Not quite, but the Red Frame crew had a fantastic time at the 2018 Skylight Financial St. Patrick’s Day Party at the Crop Bistro, one of our favorite venues in the Cleveland area.

The over 600 guests in attendance were treated to Irish-themed food and drinks inside the Main Dining Room, which was colored completely green by Sound Precision Entertainment’s uplighting. The spacious area was filled with the jubilant melodies of The Portersharks, a Cleveland-based Irish-folk quartet.  As the night progressed and spirits lifted, the Cleveland Police Department Pipe and Drum Band came marching in performing several tunes honoring the pride of Cleveland’s Irish community. Following their exit, members of the award-winning Brady Campbell Irish Dance School tap-danced and jigged their way into the hearts of onlookers. These kids were too talented even for our advanced equipment! As Red Frame captured some slow motion video of the dancers, they were moving so fast that the footage appeared to be at regular speed.

Downstairs in The Vault, Sound Precision Entertainment kept the party rocking and the dance floor lit all night long.  Many Crop Bistro employees were unable to resist the temptation to join in on the fun and bust a move or two. The vibe was just as lively (and just as Irish) as it was upstairs and we are proud to have been a part of this two-story St. Patrick’s Day extravaganza. Enjoy our highlight reel from the event below!

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